About Taryn

There are so many things I am passionate about. For years I struggled with the feeling that I had to choose just one of those things to earn a living for myself. (It took me a long time to accept that we live in a monetary system). Choosing one thing to focus on felt like the death of all the other things I love to do. I love photography. I can spend all day with any kind of camera zooming in on (and out of) Life. I love cooking and taking pictures of food. I’m really into wholesome living food that looks like a rainbow explosion on my plate. The natural colours of Life send me to outer space and back. I get high very easily. I have burst into tears at the sight of the clouds at sunset.

I love yoga, meditation, going deeper inwards. I think of myself as coming out of an infinite cosmic lake of eternal bliss. When I paint or draw the creations emerge from “nothingness” in the same way, suddenly existing and impermanent. I love making stuff with my hands. I crochet hats and little mushrooms. I make clothing and paint swirly designs on them. I dance! Everywhere. It’s my favourite way to get into my body. Now. I’m at home in the forest with the elves and their mushrooms. Nature feeds my soul and tells me the secrets of the universe. I dream of a cob house with a food forest and a path to the rock pools. I love being with children. Their pure honesty is such a relief and a reminder to keep things real. I used to be a kindergarten teacher in Taiwan, which was a place I called home for a while.

I’m having a giant love affair with Reiki. The simple purity of Reiki moving through me keeps me connected to all of life, to Creation. My Mom and brother died when I was 19 and Reiki helped me to heal all of that. Distant Reiki is my thing. It’s amazing. After many years of wandering around wondering why I had to choose a career (I just wanted to adventure in the forest and be) I decided to put all my attention on Reiki. It’s unbelievable what happens when you focus on something and keep doing it. I love connecting with people through Reiki. It’s a beautiful healing art and witnessing the incredible positive changes in my clients and students inspires me to keep “doing” it. Although Reiki is my main mission, I haven’t had to stop doing any of the gazillion other things I love. Time seems to be bendable and it’s totally possible to do it all! Also, I live on a little island in Thailand mostly and time just moves slowly here.

Reiki, yoga and meditation have enhanced my individuality and helped me to see myself with love. I am watching myself unfold and grow and the uncertainty of the future excites me. I am constantly reminded to surrender to whatever is happening right now and look for the sparkles. They’re always there somewhere. The deeper I go on this spiritual journey the more I realise the importance of self-love. I see how all of our problems come from not loving ourselves enough. I empathise with those who are the most cruel and seemingly evil as they are the ones who need the most love right now.

This blog arises out of all the things I am passionate about. I hope you find something useful, interesting, unusual, magical, fun or all of these here.

With Love,

Taryn Xx