Warning: Banana Ice Cream Will Change Your Life

I don’t remember when exactly I stopped eating and drinking dairy. I know it happened sometime after watching one of those documentaries where they show the awfulness of what is happening to dairy cows on farms. Yikes! The hardest part of letting go of milk was saying goodbye to ice-cream. I could eat half the tub when no one was looking.

I used to suffer from sinus issues all the time, especially as a kid. Now as a child I drank a glass of milk a day so I’m wondering if the disappearance of my sinus troubles has to do with the dropping of dairy. Anyway I feel great, but it’s not only because I stopped consuming dairy. It has everything to do with discovering…Banana Ice-Cream. It’s capitalised because it’s that important. You will never miss ice-cream again after you try the following ridiculously simple recipe:

You will need:

wait for it..Bananas. And that’s all when it comes to ingredients. I’m being dead serious. Just a few bananas, maybe four or five or more…

The method is only very slightly more complicated:

Peel bananas

Place in plastic bag

Place in freezer overnight or for up to a week (waiting sucks but it’s sooo worth it!)

Chop into small chunks when frozen hard

Place in blender and blend ’til creamy

Prepare to be delightfully overwhelmed by unbelievable deliciousness

Best eaten immediately (turns brown quickly). Not that you’d have a good reason to wait unless you’re one of those strange people who keep a bar of chocolate in the fridge and nibble at it over the entire week. But really, eat a whole bowl right then and there. My lovely boyfriend made me Banana Ice-Cream when we first met. I took that as a sign from the universe that he was a keeper ;)

So now that you know how to make the original version, here are some tips to move to the advanced stages of Banana Ice-Creamdom:

-Freeze very ripe bananas. The riper the creamier and more life-changing this will be…

-The more frozen the bananas the creamier the ice-cream                                                                                                                              

-Add cinnamon after blending (mentally prepare for enlightenment)

-Raw organic cacao powder turns it into Chocolate Ice-Cream

-Add slices of fresh mango before or after blending (or berries or whatever…get creative!)

-Add frozen pink or white dragon fruit for the ultimate ice-cream high!

-Photograph the perfect swirl of the blended miracle and marvel at sacred geometry being everywhere!

Aaaah! It’s okay if you completely freak out at how good Banana Ice-Cream is. One day there will be a support group. But until then…Rest easy knowing that this experience of heaven that comes so easily is totally healthy (unless of course you make a ten banana sundae every day).

Tell EVERYONE about Banana Ice-Cream. And if it doesn’t change your life, well I hope you at least enjoyed the  blender geometry :)

Stay awesome!

Taryn Xx

P.S. Of course, adding a blast of Reiki to this decadence will send you to outer space on a banana rocket…more about charging things with Reiki here!

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