Celebrating Women!

My beautiful friend Jessamy took a boat over from the island where she lives and has come to stay for three weeks. It’s so awesome to have her here. She is an old friend I met years ago on Koh Tao  and although we now live on different islands our connection seems to deepen more and more as we develop in our own unique ways. Yesterday we decided to join a dance workshop that happens every Friday with a group of amazing women. We had no idea what to expect, but I knew it was going to be incredible, mostly because Maanee Chrystal, the gorgeous woman teaching the class, is truly in touch with her divine feminine nature and expresses her sensuality unashamedly. I knew that whatever she guided us to explore would be liberating.

At first she helped us to become present in each movement, to begin watching ourselves dance and in noticing the watcher questioning and exploring our true nature beyond the material world. I must say I like this a lot more than meditation ;)

We were encouraged to allow the conscious movement to become more fluid and free. Once we were comfortable dancing freely we each danced with another woman, opening as much as possible to authentically connecting and freely expressing ourselves in that moment. It was beautiful to be engaged in sensual union with another strong present woman. I felt my insecurity of worrying about not being liked or accepted pushing against my desire for total liberation and freedom to express myself truly. I realised just how much I let my mind get in the way of living honestly in every moment. I also realised just how much I love to be touched and how fortunate I am to be in an environment where touching is totally accepted. It’s so important to place yourself in a supportive community of like-minded souls.

And then came erotic dance choreography! I remembered how I fantasised as a teenager about becoming a stripper and Jess reminded me of how naturally I took to the pole that one crazy night we pole-danced at a party in the jungle! It was really fun to learn the moves that I might have used had I actually become a stripper. I loved connecting with my deeply feminine erotic nature. There is so much to being a woman and exploring these different sides of ourselves in a sacred space is beautiful. Wow! I love it!

The last part of the class was a very special experience for me. We each offered ourselves through dance to the women in our group. Again my insecurities surrounding what others think of me came up but were gently and kindly disregarded with each movement. I experienced pure joy moving through me as I made myself vulnerable and exposed my inner gold to the most beautiful women I had ever seen in that moment. We all have something unique to offer and it was so beautiful to witness these offerings and see how incredible every women is when given the opportunity to reveal her treasures safely without judgment. I went into a bit of a trance and remained in deep communion with the great mystery of life for the rest of the evening. This morning I woke up feeling totally in love with myself and all women. I’ve been gliding through reality in pure bliss today, deeply connected to my natural sensuality and the unfathomable depths of all that we are as women.

Dancing must be a cure for all our troubles.

If you’d like to learn more about the sacred dance of women visit Maanee Chrystal’s website: http://www.tantricfemininity.com/

With Love and Gratitude,

Taryn Xx

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