Today was Epic

Today was epic in so many ways, most of them interstellar. When I was drinking my turmeric ginger tea this morning, as one does, I could really feel the potency of it merging with my cells and turning me into a superhuman. Sort of. The veils were pretty thin apparently. Yoga got interesting. Later I met my darling Jessamy and the delightful little Iggy pepper for a lunch of hummus veg and mushroom burgers. Yum. Sitting under a pagoda slash time machine by the sea we shared some of the latest goings on. I think we reached new levels of intensity today realising again the magnificent insanity of the whole damn thing. Quantum physics or whatever that was blows the poor mind to the threshold of “normal” some days. Keeping it together to remain physical can be quite a challenge. One of the things I love about living in Thailand is that I’ve learnt a bit of Burmese. Most tourists never realise that the people serving them in restaurants, bars and resorts are almost always Burmese. Mingalaba is the word for hello. I love it. The language is very bubbly and colourful. Most words seem to have a lot of syllables and it feels like you’re singing instead of just talking. To thank a person in their own language is very special. I wish I’d spent more time in Burma than the 10 minute border crossing for a stamp in my passport.

After a bit of digestion, or perhaps indigestion-I don’t know why I ate bread, it’s like gut putty-we went on a little adventure, stopping off at my house to hand over a drum and the most powerful blender ever designed. I’ve had weird daydreams about putting my hand in there. Does anyone else have totally disturbing imaginings sometimes? Back on the motorbikes-it still excites me after 9 years!-to Jess and Iggy’s house. All the way there I’m taking in every thing I can knowing that I’m leaving this magical island in two weeks! What a journey it’s been. It is. When we arrive Iggy makes me pretend soup. Mushroom, corn and strawberry. My favourite.

Eventually we make it to the beach to our favourite swimming place. I didn’t have goggles this time but I could see the fish swimming below me. Iggy said she saw a baby eel. I love Iggy and Jess. Gratitude overcame me as I lay floating on my back in an ocean surrounded by islands and the lush bright green of tropical jungle. How did I end up here? What an astonishing thing this existence is. On the way back to our bikes I felt the whole thing reset. Life began again. Fresh, new, full of possibility. I glided home on my bike, seeing the dream within the dream, the play within the play. The eternal me had a little chuckle ;)

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